Kathmandu and Dharamsala, Tibetan Camp, Chitwan & Kashmir

Kathmandu and Dharamsala, Tibetan Camp, Chitwan & Kashmir

Our journey to Leh in Ladakh and Srinagar in Kashmir, Delhi and Dharamsala in India and Kathmandu and Chitwan in Nepal included 6 Stations. A wonderful trip through Asia.

India is a land with a rich and varied history. Our adventure started in Dehli there we stayed three times in the Tibetan Camp. We also visited Kathmandu the capitol of Nepal and were in chitwan located in the northindian lawland to have a look at the little village Sauraha. In Sauraha we made a little party for the kids they live there. Afterwards we needed a 12 hour bustrip to Dharamsala. There we had a private audience by his holiness the Dalai Lama and finally we were in Happy Valley Srinagar, Kashmir. Srinagar suprised his visitors with more then 3000 Houseboats and beautyful landscapes, unfortunatly with many indian soldiers also. From there you just need a one day tour to reach Sonamarg. If you are interested in a journey to this region have a look at my website with more details and over 1000 pictures.

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My home is in Upper Lusatia, Germany. I love the nature and I like taking pictures of plants and animals. People, buildings and places in India, Kashmir and Nepal are also my favourite. My professional activities are environmental protection, occupational health and safety, mechanical design and web design as well. I was born in Saxony, Germany. My home is in Upper Lusatia. I like Nepal and India and the people, nature and religion of this country.

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Travel to the Tibetan camp in Delhi and Dharamsala in India, to Kathmandu and Chitwan in Nepal and Leh in Ladakh and Srinagar in Kashmir.