Ladakh photography in the Himalaya in India

Ladakh photography in the Himalaya in India

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Julley, it welcomes you in Ladakh. Ladakh in the north of Kashmir is also known as Little Tibet. It is one of the highly populated areas of the world. Here in northern India in the Himalayan life Buddhists (80%), Muslim (15%), Sikhs, Hindus and Christians in a very friendly relationship with each other. And as in other countries, such as well as the neighboring Kashmir, is unthinkable here, Muslims and Buddhists marry each other. The man determined in these families are passed from religion. Ladakh, an arid desert in the Himalayas. Only the glaciers provide water to your small-giving rivers for a few green oases. Little rain and less snow in winter, a dry climate. Apricots, apples, savory rice and vegetables ripen beautifully here. From October to May are the roads to Ladakh over 7 months closed and the land is separated from the rest of the world. Similarly, there is from November to late March no electricity. From December to 15 April, to the delight of the children during school holidays. So you should travel to Ladakh only June to September. See the Ladakh photos.
Vehicles drive over some of the highest and most dangerous roads in the world painfully Leh in the provincial capital. For several days the trip will take the truck, three passes must be overcome. The highest is more than 5,600 meters high.

Again and again war in Kashmir: The Hall of Fame at Leh is a museum of the indien army and a memorial to the fallen soldiers in the Kargil war. Also at the Sindhu Gathie, a sacred place of Hindus, Sindhu Darshan Festival to be of 15-20. Aprill every year on the holy river Indus (Sindhu) honored the Indian soldiers. Sindhu Yatra to get people of many cultures and religions, to visit the beautiful landscapes of Leh and Ladakh in the Himalayas. Prayers on the river Sindhu (Indus) symbolize the rich cultural identity in Ladakh, the harmony and peaceful coexistence of religions and cultures in India.

Aid packages with warm clothing for children in Ladakh

Please see here: Help for poor children

For all helpers for poor children in Ladakh. Familys in the mountains are often very poor and need help. Winter here in Ladakh is very cold and long. Especially this year the mercury has gone down very low (-20 to -30 degree Celsius). Schools in winter remain closed for 4-5 months. Familien cannot afford scool hostel accommodation because of their financial situation. However we have somehow arranged a room where they can stay together, keep themselves warm and also carry out their studies. Heating facilities are not available. Families stay together in one room or so. They keep their cattle (if they have) in the ground floor and themselves stay in the room above it. This is a local way of keeping warm and cuts down expenses on fire food and others. Electrical energy is expensive. However the govt has provided solar lamps to poor families but many of them are non functional. They are leading a very pathetic and difficult life. Still if you look at these children, they are so full of life with big dreams in their eyes. They all are very keen to study and to get to a respectable position for themselves and their parents. Many of them are very skilful and talented. If only they get a good help from somewhere their lives can get better. Thanks again and I hope the best for these poor children.

If you want to help children in Nepal or in Ladakh, I would appreciate a small donation. Thank you so much! Even small contributions help. Your donation will be used for school education for children in Nepal and for warm winter clothing for children in the mountains of Ladakh.
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