Journey to Dolakha in Nepal. Children, schools and bad education
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Journey to Dolakha in Nepal. Children, schools and bad education

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Children, schools, education and poverty of the people in the Himalayas. I start my journey from Kathmandu, Nepal. My journey to Nepal in 2011 brought many changes for me. I collect money for children now and seeking sponsors and helpers.

Would you like to become a sponsor and support a child? Either as a sponsor or making a small contribution? 100% of the money the children receive. you can go to the children and so become a respected member of a family.

With the regional bus I drove nine hours after Dolakha District. The bus was full of people and animals. The roof of the bus also. It has been raining heavily and the driving was very dangerous. I met many people. Then I came at the beginning of the night to a family. They let me live in her house. The children sing a song for me and I gave them chocolate and sausage. The sausage they have thrown away. The people do not know this meat.

My trip to Nepal

School fees for children are help to help themselves. The children, who should be supported, will work hard for their chance of education.

My future planning with responsible Nepalese helpers is to support more children in the region Dolakha. In the villages, the cost for one child for one year school are about 50 Euro in the classes 1 - 3. In this region more than 40% of the people are very poor and many children can never go to school. There are many orphans and widows also.

If children from poor families go to school, the following will be achieved:
  • Prevention of very hard child labor
  • Young girls from poor families will not be sold to slave traders. This childrens were brought to India, where they will be raped and tortured. They have to work as prostitutes in brothels. These girls are physically and mentally destroyed.
  • Prevent from alcohol use. Boys who do not go into a school, often become an alcoholic then they are an adult men.

If you want to help children in Nepal, I would appreciate a small donation. Thank you so much! Even small contributions help.

The dream is to provide children raise their educational standards in a meaningful, good way. That every child will grow into a healthy, educated and good future. Children need your help for this great cause and request you to please sponsor a child.
Admission Fee: School fees for a child (PDF)
Do you want visit the children? BEST TIME TO TRAVEL NEPAL Even small contributions help.

Videos from Nepal and schools of children in Nepal

Video Bergdorf in Nepal Video Schule-Nepal
Every year many tourists come to Kathmandu to see the city or as a starting point for a trip to Nepal. Kathmandu is the political and economic center of Nepal. In the city there are many educational institutions and also a connection to the world with the international airport. Many people from the Nepalese villages, especially the youth, want to come to Kathmandu. Thats way there are many apartments needed, in Kathmandu and in the whole Kathmandu valley.

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