Orphans in Banepa, Children´s Village Kavre in Nepal, SOS Social Centre

Orphans in Banepa, Children´s Village Kavre in Nepal, SOS Social Centre

SOS Youth Facility Kavre.

SOS Youth Facility Kavre is an extended project of SOS Children's Village Kavre. The youths are shifted to the youth facility after class 10. The youth leader provides guidance and counseling when the youths needed. Beside this they learn here, to live in semi independent life style which is very important for successful integration. 15 girls and 18 boys are directly cared under this youth facility. The construction of SOS Youth Facility Kavre has been started in 2008, just near to the SOS Children´s Village Kavre.

SOS Social Centre Kavre

SOS Social centre is another ancillary project of SOS Children´s Village Kavre. Through this social centre we are providing out reach program. Such as Hermann Gmeiner Scholarship program and Family Strengthening Program (FSP). The main objectives of this project are a). To integrate SOS in the community. b). To lessened the pressure of child admission in SOS Kavre, c).To cater as more as the needy children of the community.
  • Hermann Gmeiner Scholarship program: This scholarship program has been provided to the student of Hermann Gmeiner School with having poor economic condition. 117 students are benefited through this program.
  • Family Strengthening Program (FSP): The program is especially focus to the single headed family. We are supporting 78 such families. We provide educational support for their dependent children. Beside this, these families are getting certain amount, to support their fooding stuff. On keeping mind that, giving only support is not the ultimate solution, so we have started capacity building program for these supported families.

What We Do

Career Counselling: The program has been arranged for the children, when they are in class 9. The children have got the opportunity to know the detail information on certain profession from the respective experts of different professional fields. Another important feature of this program is an Aptitude and interest test. This test helps to aware each individual to find out their own strength and limitation. This program helps to choose appropriate academic field in college after their school.
Guidance and personal counselling: Such program is conducted by Village Psychologist for the needy children.
Leadership & Personality Development program: Leadership and personality development is an important characteristic for successful integration of our children. For this we have formed Creative Child Club in this village. Through this club they are engage in different club activities. Beside this we have arranged different programs like Master of ceremony (MC) training, Effective Public Speaking Training (EPS) for the children. In each Friday Prayer, the children have given platform to show their talent.
Child Protection Policy (CPP): SOS Children´s Village Kavre got opportunity to be a first village in SOS Nepal for implementing this CPP. This policy helps to make aware for co-workers on child rights.
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